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PEC Base

Perfect for starting

  • Starting from 1GB of space
  • Attachments up to 100MB
  • Antivirus and Antispam

From 11.00 /year +VAT



Ideal for those wanting storage space

  • Starting at 2GB of space
  • Attach up to 100MB
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • 3GB Storage Space
  • Report SMS

From 55.00 /year +VAT



For those in need of more resources

  • Starting at 2GB of space
  • Attachments up to 100MB
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • 8GB Storage Space
  • Report SMS

From 88.00 /year +VAT

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General features of PEC

The main features of the PEC offered by Netsons.

Email certified provides more legal guarantees than registered mail A/R: it certifies transmission through time stamping and date thanks to digital signature function.

Legal Value

At PEC full legal value is recognized and receipts can be used as proof of sending and receiving the message.


For every certified mailbox purchased, a Mailbox Certification Statement is issued to attest that the mailbox is active.


When sending a message from a PEC box, you receive an acceptance receipt from your provider attesting to the date and time of dispatch and the recipients. The provider also sends the delivery receipt to the sender.


With the Electronic Mail Certified System, the sending and receiving information is guaranteed.


We adopted security functions for the isolation of your cPanel account. Thanks to this feature your data is protected at the level of resources and file system.

Zero virus, zero spam

With Antivirus and Antispam reduce to zero the risk that your system gets infected by Viruses or receives Spam.

What is a PEC?

Certified Electronic Mail

The Certified Electronic Mail is a communication system similar to traditional email, to which are added security features and certification of transmission with an effectiveness legally equivalent to the traditional registered mail with return receipt.

Quick Answers

After purchasing a PEC box an email is sent indicating how to fill out and send the required documentation for activation.

You can configure your PEC mailbox just as you do for the other mailboxes you have. The PEC will be accessible through the configuration data provided during activation, both through Webmail, Smartphone or desktop PC.

By default, PEC boxes activated on Netsons are set to receive emails only from other PEC boxes. In fact, PEC communications have legal value only if they are sent and received between other certified email addresses. However, you can enable your PEC box to receive non-certified emails from the control panel related to the box.

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