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Service List Price Managed Hosting
Hosting Web 10 2.42€ /month +VAT 6.00€ /month +VAT
Hosting Web 100 3.80€ /month +VAT 7.37€ /month +VAT
Hosting Web 500 8.47€ /month +VAT 16.72€ /month +VAT
Hosting Web 1000 16.61€ /month +VAT 33.00€ /month +VAT
Hosting SSD 10 4.35€ /month +VAT 8.47€ /month +VAT
Hosting SSD 30 8.47€ /month +VAT 16.72€ /month +VAT
Hosting SSD 50 12.32€ /month +VAT 24.32€ /month +VAT
Hosting SSD 100 22.22€ /month +VAT 44.22€ /month +VAT
Cloud Hosting 100 33.00€ /month +VAT 66.00€ /month +VAT
Cloud Hosting 150 66.00€ /month +VAT 132.00€ /month +VAT
Cloud Hosting 200 99.00€ /month +VAT 198.00€ /month +VAT
Cloud Hosting 250 132.00€ /month +VAT 264.00€ /month +VAT

Additional Hosting/Domain Services

Service List Price
Dedicated IP 66.00€ /year +VAT
Modular Space +10 GB 26.40€ /year +VAT
Memcached 26.40€ /year +VAT
Netsons Web Shield PRO 1.65€ /month +VAT
Netsons SEO 10.89€ /month +VAT
Domain Recovery From € 33.00 one-off +VAT
(subject to administrative assessments based on the relevant supplier/register)
Backup Hosting 27.50€ /One-off +VAT

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Solutions

Service List Price
Cloud M1 212.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M2 223.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M3 245.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M4 267.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M5 300.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M6 410.85€ /month +VAT
Cloud M7 495.55€ /month +VAT
Cloud M8 660.00€ /month +VAT


Service List Price
DS-211 da 54.89€ /month +VAT
DS-212 da 65.89€ /month +VAT
DS-231 da 86.90€ /month +VAT
DS-232 da 108.90€ /month +VAT
DS-241 da 108.90€ /month +VAT
DS-242 da 120.89€ /month +VAT
DS-441 da 208.89€ /month +VAT
DS-731 da 351.89€ /month +VAT
DS-732 da 351.89€ /month +VAT
DS-741 da 274.89€ /month +VAT
DS-742 da 285.89€ /month +VAT
DS-743 da 472.89€ /month +VAT
DS-744 da 494.89€ /month +VAT
DS-745 da 736.89€ /month +VAT
DS-746 da 1022.89€ /month +VAT
DS-7526 da 878.90€ /month +VAT
DS-7527 da 1089.99€ /month +VAT

Server Solutions

Service List Price
Web Solutions da 306.90€ /month +VAT
E-Commerce Solutions da 461.89€ /month +VAT
Mail Solutions da 284.90€ /month +VAT
Archive Solutions da 284.90€ /month +VAT
Storage Solutions da 802.89€ /month +VAT
AI Solutions da 1209.89€ /month +VAT
Infrastructure Solutions da 1099.89€ /month +VAT


Service List Price
PEC Base da 11.00€ /year +VAT
PEC Pro da 55.00€ /year +VAT
PEC Top da 88.00€ /year +VAT

Servizi aggiuntivi PEC

Service List Price
Modular Casela Space +1 GB 11.00€ /year +VAT
Modular Archive Space +1 GB 11.00€ /year +VAT
Subdomain Certification 33.00€ /year +VAT


Service List Price
Certificate SSL DV 49.50€ /year +VAT
Certificate SSL DWV 77.00€ /year +VAT
Certificate SSL OV 165.00€ /year +VAT
Certificate SSL EV 462.00€ /year +VAT

cPanel - Cloud

Service List Price
Single license (Max 100 accounts) 37.95€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 150 accounts) 42.90€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 200 accounts) 52.89€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 250 accounts) 62.15€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 300 accounts) 68.75€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 350 accounts) 81.95€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 400 accounts) 91.30€ /month +VAT

cPanel - Bare metal

Service List Price
Single license (Max 100 accounts) 55.00€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 250 accounts) 82.50€ /month +VAT
Single license (Max 1000 accounts) 275.00€ /month +VAT


Service List Price
Cloudflare Pro 11.00€ /month +VAT

Any promotions are valid only on the first billing cycle. At renewal, list prices will be applied.