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How does Netsons affiliation work?

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You will have links and materials at your disposal.

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With our affiliate program, each time a user registers through your link and pays for the service, you earn a fixed commission.

What we offer

Our free Affiliate Program provides you with promotional links and materials to invite your users to register for our hosting service.


It's an excellent solution to monetize your website or blog traffic if you want to earn with affiliate marketing.

Netsons as Technological Partner


Experience high performance and scalability with Netsons services, supported by a DDoS protection network distributed and geolocated in over 250 cities.


We monitor all services internally and externally 24/7, every 60 seconds, to demonstrate reliability, transparency, and fairness.

ISO Certifications

The release of ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certifications represents the result of the work that Netsons has committed to over the years to make its services increasingly secure and quality, while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Exceptional Ratings

4,9/5 Rating of over 780 users (TrustPilot)

Discover why so many customers choose us as their trusted hosting provider!

Environmental Sustainability

We are a Gold Partner of The Green Web Foundation, the non-profit association aiming to sensitize the IT world to an exclusive use of green energy. We strongly believe in sustainable use of technology, therefore we only provide services that adopt 100% renewable energy.

Dedication to Customer

Whatever the technical assistance required, advice to improve the website, or custom solutions for hosting needs, the team is always available to help and guide the customer in every step of their online journey.

Resources for you

Media Kit Logos
Download the Netsons logos and informational materials: use them to create articles or generic social media posts.
Media Kit Banners
Download media banners in different formats: perfect for including on your website or blog.
Check out the direct links to Netsons products: use them to direct users to a specific product when writing an article about us.

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What is Affiliation?

The Netsons Affiliate Program is a great growth opportunity for you and your business which will allow you to make money online easily, securely and reliably.

Start earning is very easy: Once signed up for free Affiliate Network, Netsons will provide you with a range of useful tools, including affiliate links, dynamic banners and logos, that you can insert on your websites or social media to promote products and services.

For every purchase made through affiliation, you will receive very high earnings on the commissions received from each sale.

Recommend our services to a friend or a client, you can do affiliate marketing even without a website.

Quick Answers

The Netsons affiliate program offers a fixed earning per sale, regardless of the value of the sale itself. For some products, the earning is only assigned if the customer purchases an annual or higher plan, whereas for others it is valid also for monthly plans. Sales, for them to be valid for the affiliate program, must be made by new customers. Renewals and subsequent purchases of customers already acquired by Netsons srl, also through the affiliate program, are not included in the affiliate program.

The affiliate program includes a wide range of products, among which are hosting plans, cloud hosting, cloud shared, cloud computing, and servers.

In detail, the products, their respective earnings, and the minimum billing cycle are as follows:

  • Web Hosting 10, Web 100, Web 500, Web 1000: 25 € per sale (annual)
  • Hosting SSD 10, SSD 30, SSD 50, SSD 100: 50 € per sale (annual)
  • Cloud Hosting 100, Cloud Hosting 150, Cloud Hosting 200, and Cloud Hosting 250: 100 € per sale (monthly)
  • Cloud Shared: 25 € per sale (monthly)
  • Cloud Computing General Purpose, CPU Intensive, and RAM Intensive: 50 € per sale (monthly)
  • Cloud Solutions: 100 € per sale (monthly)
  • Promotional Servers: 25 € per sale (monthly)
  • Professional Servers: 50 € per sale (monthly)
  • Business Servers: 100 € per sale (monthly)
  • Server Solutions: 100 € per sale (monthly)

You can consult the list of products at any time in the customer area, under the "Affiliation" section at the "Earn" tab.

The earnings are calculated based on the product sold and the plan chosen by the customer. The fixed earnings per sale range from 25€ to 100€, depending on the product and the minimum billing cycle.

Affiliates can use dynamic banners, graphic kits, and direct links with their affiliate code to promote products on their website, social media, or blog articles.

Logging into the customer area and visiting the "Affiliate" section, you can monitor your sales and the earnings generated from your affiliate activities.

You can use the banners, graphics kits, and direct links provided in the customers' area to promote the products on your website, social media, or blog posts. Additionally, you can leverage discounts applied to annual or higher plans to incentivize users to purchase affiliate-subject products.

Yes, the Earnings Configurator is a tool available on the "Earnings" page that allows you to estimate potential earnings from future sales of the products offered.

Yes, it is possible to promote products through social media, blog posts or other communication channels, using direct links with affiliate code.

There is no maximum earning limit for affiliates. The more sales you generate through your affiliate link, the higher your earnings will be.

By accessing the customer area, you will be able to update your personal and banking data in the dedicated section. Always make sure your data is correct and complete to avoid payment problems.

No specific requirements are required to become an affiliate. However, it is important to have knowledge of the products offered and marketing strategies to effectively promote them.

Yes, you can promote all products included in the Affiliate Program. Use the promotional materials provided in the Customer Area to maximize your earnings.

Once you reach the minimum threshold of € 50.00, you can redeem the accrued credit following the instructions in your affiliate area: our offices will arrange the payment according to your instructions, based on the data you have provided us. Always check that your data is always correct and complete. You will receive your credit within 30 days from the acceptance of your redemption request.