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Secure, high-performance and scalable storage space: the ideal solution for managing large amounts of data reliably and flexibly

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Netsons Object Storage It is the service that allows you to store your static files, such as videos, images, web files and any other type of file, in a scalable storage space.

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Store and protect your data.

Your files in your storage can be used by applications or made accessible by you and your team on the web through the S3 API, allowing you to Access your data securely at any time from any device or location..


Store and share your content

Our Object Storage platform allows you to easily store any amount of data, without type limitations. This way, you can take advantage of the flexibility of the Cloud, increasing resources according to your needs.


Store and analyze large amounts of data.

Using Big Data, data analysis and storage presents a challenging task. Our solutions allow for the storage of any kind of data. You can analyze them, access them when necessary and delete them when no longer required.


Backup your data

Our storage system is highly resilient: it represents the best place to store your most important data, providing you with a superior level of security. Moreover, you can schedule automatic backups using the most popular backup software.


Maximum Reliability of Storage

Our system's security and reliability allow us to provide effective solutions, guaranteeing continuity of service even in case of unexpected events. Netsons Object Storage allows you to have your important data always at your disposal.

Netsons Object Storage




from 7 ,90 /month +VAT

From €0.0790/hour +VAT

from 0 ,0790 /hour +VAT


Monthly pricing plan with price cap





Object Storage Account


Maximum bucket number


Number of requests

without limits

Available Certifications on Service

ISO 9001, ISO 27001



Netsons Cloud Computing Features


Netsons Cloud is based on OpenStack, the leading open source solution for providing IaaS services.

Clear and transparent billing

Save with pay per use in case of sporadic use of resources and rely on the peace of mind of monthly payment for certainty of your consumption.

Three-way replicated CEPH storage

CEPH is the software-defined storage solution powering cloud computing. With its distributed architecture, it provides scalability, resilience, redundancy, and high performance.

Activation speed

All cloud services are activated through lightning-fast automations that take very little time to activate.


High scalability and elasticity of resources for great performance during high demand peaks.


The S3 API is the technology standard for object storage used for cloud data storage: it allows you to manage objects of any type and size.

Floating IP

Greater flexibility

Buy additional public IP addresses that you can transfer between instances at any time.

€ 5.00/IP +VAT

Block Storage

Additional Scalable Volumes

Create volumes and quickly associate them to your Cloud instances.

€ 0.20/GB +VAT


Security and reliability

Create a backup of your instances to keep them secure.

Starting from € 2.10 +VAT

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Quick Answers

Netsons' Object Storage is an online data storage service based on objects that allows you to upload any type of file to the Cloud securely. Among the many advantages of this solution, in addition to the ability to store large amounts of data in a scalable, secure and reliable way, is that each object contains not only the files themselves, but also the metadata that describes its content, making it perfect for managing large amounts of unstructured data. What is Netsons Cloud Object Storage and what are the benefits?

In an Object Storage service, data is managed as independent objects, with each object containing the data itself, metadata, and a unique identifier. The objects are stored in a distributed storage pool, which uses a data replication technology to ensure redundancy, availability, and resilience.

You must log in to the Netsons Cloud Computing panel, configure the Object Storage by creating a Bucket and the credentials to use it with applications or clients such as Cyberduck to access the service. How to store your data on Cloud Object Storage

There are no limits, however the maximum file size must be within the limits of the purchased package.

You can upload any type of file such as videos, images, web files, documents. This type of storage is ideal for managing large amounts of unstructured data, such as multimedia files, data backups, application logs.

You can create as many buckets as you want, there is no limit just like on the number of Object Storage Accounts.

The differences between the two systems are many, however the main one is in the way of managing files. In the File System, files are organized according to a tree hierarchy composed of directories and subdirectories. It is suitable for managing a limited set of structured files, such as text documents, spreadsheets and images. In Object Storage, on the other hand, the approach to data storage is based on the management of independent objects, all data is managed as objects, each of which has a unique identifier and associated metadata, so it is ideal for managing large amounts of unstructured data.

The main difference between the two approaches is the way data is managed. In Block Storage, data is managed as fixed-sized blocks, while in Object Storage, data is managed as independent objects, each of which has a unique identifier and associated metadata. Block Storage is associated with an instance and is managed by the operating system of the instance itself. Object Storage, on the other hand, is not tied to an instance, is decoupled and scalable as needed.