Cloud Computing

Your Public Cloud Infrastructure: fast, ready to use with a super support

Cloud Shared

Step into the world of Cloud Computing in a few seconds with low costs

  • Based on OpenStack
  • Cloud Smart Panel: managing your cloud services has never been easier.
  • Storage SSD Enterprise Grade
  • Up to 4 vCPU
  • Up to 6 GB of vRAM
  • Up to 40 GB SSD on RAID
Starting from

Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing for those who aim higher

  • Based on OpenStack
  • Cloud Smart Panel: managing your cloud services has never been easier.
  • Distributed storage on CEPH with replica 3
  • OpenStack API to manage your Infrastructure as Code
  • Resource Intensive Profiles for heavy loads
  • Totally managed Cloud infrastructure
  • Up to 16 vCPU
  • Up to 64 GB of vRAM
  • Up to 100 GB SSD on CEPH
Starting from


Manage your containerized applications easily, quickly and effectively

  • Production Ready environment
  • Kubernetes API full access
  • Easy to manage from your Cloud Smart Panel
  • Highly scalable and flexible resources
  • Different plans for your cluster nodes
  • Free Control Plane
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Netsons Cloud Computing Features


Netsons Cloud is based on OpenStack, the Open Source leading solution for Iaas services delivery.

Storage SSD Enterprise Grade

The SSD Local Storage Enterprise Grade improves access speed, dramatically enhancing your services performance provided by your Cloud instance.

Flexible and transparent Billing

Save money with pay per use in case of sporadic use of resources and rely on the peace of mind of the capped monthly rate.

Storage CEPH with replica 3

CEPH is the software-defined storage solution that is at the base of Cloud Computing. Thanks to its distributed architecture, it guarantees scalability, resilience, redundancy and the highest performances.

Activation Speed

All the Cloud services are activated thanks to fast automation in very little time.

OS template

A wide range of templates with multiple combinations of OS and installed functionalities.

Snapshot and Backup

With snapshots you can create a copy of the data of your volumes and your istances. You can use snapshots to create new instances or as a backup of your data.


High scalability and flexibility of resources for great performances in case of traffic peaks.

OpenStack API

Open Stack API to manage, scale and code your Cloud Infrastructure with your own credentials


Create and distribute your native cloud applications by taking advantage of Kubernetes market leader technology!

Full Kubernetes API

Full access to all the functions of Kubernetes API: start building your cluster today!

Managed Kubernetes

Your Kubernetes cluster is in good hands: Control Plane will be managed by us!

Cloud Computing Netsons

With Netsons Cloud Computing, your services will be always available and reachable everywhere!

Cloud Computing is a provisioning model that allows to make use of IT resources with an incredible flexibility, such as data storage, processing or transmission.

To be more specific with Cloud Computing users:

  • can configure and group resources according to their needs in a quick and flexible way;
  • they have full access to the network;
  • they have measured service at their disposal;
  • they have high elasticity, scaling their resources with a click;

With Cloud Computing it is possible to manage unlimited resources scalably, everywhere and everytime.

Netsons Cloud Computing is divided into: Cloud Shared, Cloud Computing, Kubernetes.

Netsons Cloud Computing comparison table

Compare Netsons Cloud Computing solutions and choose the one that best suits your needs!

We'll help you in every step of your Cloud infrastructure configuration

Focus on your business and let our qualified Cloud experts guide you. Cloud Premium Support is included with every Cloud Computing plan!

Features Standard Premium Professional Enterprise
DDoS protection
Helpdesk tickets
Phone Support
Live chat
Cloud Smart Panel -
Priority assistance -
Infrastructure configuration consulting -
Instance configuration consulting - -
Instance services tuning - -
Customer solution consulting - -
Cloud architecture design - - -
Managed Cloud solution - - -
Managed Cloud architecture - - -
Price Included with Cloud Shared Included with Cloud Computing €99,90 +vat/month Contact us

99,9% Uptime

We use the best technologies and we constantly monitor our systems
to make sure they are always up and running.

Fiber Network, high speed!

We only use fiber for our infrastructure networks to ensure high-speed connection.

Connectivity Redundancy: uptime and stability

Redundancy guarantees the highest availability and service continuity to our networks.

Protection for your website

Don't let DDoS attacks hinder you. Our systems offer an additional level of protection capable of blocking them.

Internal and external automatic monitoring h24 every 60 seconds

Nothing gets out of our control. We perform an internal and external automatic monitoring on our systems 24 hours a day every 60 seconds.

Service continuity

Thanks to a constant monitoring activity, we make sure that our service continuity always meets high standards. In case of fault detection, our automation will intervene immediately.

WAF - Web application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall will promptly stop all the attacks that aim to exploit the best-known vulnerabilities.

Fully in compliance with GDPR

Transparency and privacy protection are our priorities. All our services are GDPR compliant and we provide you with all the tools you need to make your projects compliant too

(Approfondimenti: GDPR - art. 32, comma 2)

(Approfondimenti: GDPR - art. 5, comma 1, par. f / art. 32, comma 1, par. b)

(Approfondimenti: GDPR – art. 5, comma 1, par. f)

(Approfondimenti: GDPR - art. 32, comma 1, par. d) SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS

(Approfondimenti: GDPR - art. 5, comma 1, par. f)

(Approfondimenti: GDPR - art. 5, comma 1, par. f)

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With Netsons Cloud Services, payment is postponed. Activate and use your service according to your needs. The invoice will be created the first day of the following month.

The cost of Cloud Computing services is based on a pay-per-use hourly rate. You will pay only the resources you use and can be sure of the price cap, in case of a continuous consumption: if you overtake 672 hours of monthly consumption (28 days), you will pay the monthly rate stated on the price list.

For all the three Cloud Services, Cloud Shared, Cloud Computing and Kubernetes, the activation is done with a couple of clicks, in a few minutes.

Netsons Cloud Services are based on an Open-source platform, Open Stack, for the creation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas).

You can manage your Cloud Shared services directly from your Netsons Account, in the Cloud section. As for Cloud computing services, you can also use the Open Stack API to manage your Cloud with your own credentials.

With Cloud Computing you have higher priority resources than Cloud Shared, with unlimited CPU and IOPS. Also resources are scalable for both the solutions.

With Kubernetes you can create your infrastructure in just a few clicks thanks to the configurator. You can select the number of nodes you need, the first one is free!