Cloud Computing

Your Public Cloud Infrastructure: fast, ready now and with unbeatable support.

Cloud Shared

Step into the world of Cloud Computing in seconds and at a low cost.

  • Based on OpenStack
  • Cloud Smart Panel: manage your cloud services easily
  • Enterprise Grade SSD Storage
  • Up to 4 vCPU
  • Up to 8 GB vRAM
  • Up to 160 GB SSD on RAID
Starting from
€2.50/month +VAT

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing for those who demand more.

  • Based on OpenStack
  • Cloud Smart Panel: managing your cloud services is very easy
  • Distributed storage on CEPH with 3 replicas
  • OpenStack API for programming your infrastructure in autonomy
  • Resource Intensive profiles for your applications
  • Cloud infrastructure fully managed
  • Up to 64 vCPU
  • Up to 256 GB of vRAM
  • Up to 720 GB SSD on CEPH
Starting from
€26.90/month +VAT


Manage containerized applications easily, quickly, and efficiently.

  • Environment Production Ready
  • Full access to Kubernetes APIs
  • Managed from Cloud Smart Panel
  • High scalability and elasticity of resources
  • Wide selection of plans for your cluster nodes
  • Free Control Plane
Starting from
€10.00/month +VAT
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Netsons Cloud Computing Features


Netsons Cloud is based on OpenStack, the leading open source solution for providing IaaS services.

Enterprise Grade SSD Storage

Enterprise Grade SSD storage ensures faster access and superior performance, significantly improving the performance of your Cloud instance.

Clear and transparent billing

Save with pay per use in case of sporadic use of resources and rely on the peace of mind of monthly payment for certainty of your consumption.

Three-way replicated CEPH storage

CEPH is the software-defined storage solution powering cloud computing. With its distributed architecture, it provides scalability, resilience, redundancy, and high performance.

Activation speed

All cloud services are activated through lightning-fast automations that take very little time to activate.

OS Template

Wide range of templates with numerous combinations of Operating Systems and installed features.

Snapshots and Backups

With snapshots you can create snapshots of your instance data. Use the backup feature to keep your data safe.


High scalability and elasticity of resources for great performance during high demand peaks.

OpenStack APIs

At your disposal all the advanced tools to program and scale your OpenStack API Cloud infrastructure.


Create and deploy your cloud native applications leveraging the market leading technology Kubernetes!

Full Kubernetes API

You have full access to all the features of the Kubernetes API: you bring your cluster to life!

Managed Kubernetes

Your Kubernetes cluster is in good hands: we take care of the control plane.

Netsons Cloud Computing

With Cloud Computing from Netsons, your services are always available and accessible wherever you are!

Cloud Computing is a service delivery model that allows the use of computer resources for storage, processing or transmission of data with incredible elasticity.

In particular, with Cloud Computing users:

  • can configure resources according to their needs;
  • - have access to the network;
  • - can group resources according to their needs;
  • - have rapid elasticity, being able to scale resources with a click;
  • - have a measured service, adequate to the type of use.

Thus, with Cloud Computing it is possible to manage unlimited resources in a scalable way and at any time and place.

Netsons Cloud Computing is divided into: Cloud Shared, Cloud Computing, Kubernetes.

Netsons Cloud Computing Comparison

Compare Netsons Cloud Computing solutions and choose the one that fits your needs!

We assist you at every step of configuring your Cloud infrastructure

Focus solely on your business and entrust your Cloud to a highly skilled team of technicians. All Cloud computing solutions include Premium Cloud Support!

Features Standard Premium Professional Enterprise
DDoS Protection
Ticket Support
Phone Support
Chat Support
Smart Cloud Panel Support -
Priority Assistance -
Infrastructure Configuration Consulting -
Instance Configuration Consulting - -
Service Instance Optimization and Tuning - -
Customer Solution Development - -
Cloud Architecture Design - - -
Cloud Solution Management - - -
Managed Cloud Architecture - - -
Price Included in Cloud Shared Included in Cloud Computing €99,90 /Month Contact Us


We use the best technologies and constantly monitor our systems to always stay online.

Fiber Networks: Super Speed!

The networks of our infrastructures are fiber-based for lightning-fast connection speeds.

High reliability

Redundancy guarantees the maximum reliability and continuity of our networks.

Website Protection

Don't let DDoS attacks hinder you: our systems provide an additional level of protection to block them.

Automatic 24/7 Internal and External Monitoring Every 60 Seconds

Nothing escapes us. We perform automatic internal and external monitoring of our systems, 24/7, every 60 seconds.

Service Continuity

Thanks to constant control routines, we ensure that the service continuity always meets high standards, and automatic interventions are immediately carried out upon the detection of possible anomalies.

WAF - Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) promptly stops all attacks targeting the most well-known vulnerabilities.

Full GDPR Compliance

Transparency and privacy protection are our priorities. All our services
are GDPR compliant, and we provide you with all the tools you need to make
your projects compliant as well

(Further information: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 2)

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f / art. 32, paragraph 1, subpar. b)

(Further information: GDPR – art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)}

(Further information: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 1, subpar. d) SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)

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Quick Answers

A promotion on the first billing cycle is active on all Netsons Cloud Computing Shared instances. The promotional cost applies to the first invoice, and the standard price will be applied upon renewal.

With Netsons Cloud services, payment is postponed: activate and use the service according to your needs, the invoice will be created on the 1st day of the next month.

The cost of Cloud Computing services is based on pay-per-use hourly rate. You only pay for what you use with the certainty, in case of continuous use, of the price cap: after 672 hours of monthly use (28 days) the monthly cost indicated will be applied.

For all Cloud services provided Cloud Shared, Cloud Computing and Kubernetes, activation takes place in a few clicks and in no time.

Netsons Cloud services are based on the Open Source OpenStack platform, for creating Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

You can manage Cloud Shared services directly from the Cloud Smart Panel, in the Cloud section. For Cloud Computing services, you also have access to OpenStack APIs to manage your Cloud using credentials that are exclusively yours.

With Cloud Computing service you have priority resources compared to Cloud Shared service, with no CPU and IOPS limits. Resources are also scalable.

With Kubernetes you can create your infrastructure in a few clicks using the configurator. You can select the number of nodes you need: the first node of the Control Plane we give you for free!