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M1 Cloud M1
2 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
5 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

212.85/month +VAT

M2 Cloud M2
4 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
5 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

223.85/month +VAT

M3 Cloud M3
4 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

245.85/month +VAT

M4 Cloud M4
6 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

267.85/month +VAT

M5 Cloud M5
6 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

300.85/month +VAT

M6 Cloud M6
8 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

410.85/month +VAT

M7 Cloud M7
12 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

495.55/month +VAT

M8 Cloud M8
16 vCPU
1 Gbit/s
10 TB/month

ACN Qualified Service

Starting from:

660.00/month +VAT

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Our Cloud Services Technologies

SSD Datacenter Drives

The new generations of SSD drives included in Netsons SSD hosting profiles significantly improve your business by increasing the performance and loading speed of your website.

Cloud Backup

We provide a cloud backup service with image storage to ensure the security of your data.

OS Template

Wide range of templates with numerous combinations of Operating Systems and installed features.


High scalability and elasticity of resources for great performance during high demand peaks.

High Reliability

SLA Premium guarantees continuity and connection stability thanks to network redundancy. A complex system that enhances the reliability of your service.

Cloud Performance

We have always offered you the maximum performance on all our services.

Managed Cloud Instance

Your Virtual Server with all the power of the Cloud.

The power and flexibility of the Managed Cloud Instance, thanks to modern virtualization systems: continuity, stability, and high reliability without any worries!

Managed Cloud Instance

You are always at the center of our work. To honor this trust, which we have been given every day for years, we have activated various tools to provide you with technical or administrative assistance and ensure that all requests are processed by our staff as quickly as possible. You have a wide choice of communication tools: tickets, phone, email, and chat. With Netsons Customer Service, you are never alone. Our systems are monitored 24/7 every 60 seconds, and all Cloud Hosting services benefit from proactive assistance: in case of anomalies, our staff will immediately act to resolve the issue. Only Netsons has Super Assistance with many specially designed formulas: try it and believe it!

Features Managed Cloud Instance
Support via email, chat, ticket, and phone
Cloud Infrastructure Support
Additional Features Support
Priority Support
Service Optimization
Firewall Configuration
Scheduled Customer Assistance
24/7/365 Proactive Assistance
Total Cloud Management
Cloud Linux, cPanel, SSL Let's Encrypt, Backup, KernelCare, Imunify360 Antimalware


We use the best technologies and constantly monitor our systems to always stay online.

Fiber Networks: Super Speed!

The networks of our infrastructures are fiber-based for lightning-fast connection speeds.

High reliability

Redundancy guarantees the maximum reliability and continuity of our networks.

Website Protection

Don't let DDoS attacks hinder you: our systems provide an additional level of protection to block them.

Automatic 24/7 Internal and External Monitoring Every 60 Seconds

Nothing escapes us. We perform automatic internal and external monitoring of our systems, 24/7, every 60 seconds.

Service Continuity

Thanks to constant control routines, we ensure that the service continuity always meets high standards, and automatic interventions are immediately carried out upon the detection of possible anomalies.

WAF - Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) promptly stops all attacks targeting the most well-known vulnerabilities.

Full GDPR Compliance

Transparency and privacy protection are our priorities. All our services are GDPR compliant, and we offer you all the tools you need to make your projects compliant as well.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is essential for the protection of personal data on websites.

(Further information: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 2)

Daily Backup

We perform daily backups to prevent accidental data loss and ensure their availability.

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f / art. 32, paragraph 1, subpar. b)

Operating System Updates

To ensure the security of personal data, we constantly update the operating systems.

(Further information: GDPR – art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)

Malware Detection

We perform 24/7 monitoring to detect any vulnerabilities and resolve them immediately.

(Further information: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 1, subpar. d) SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS)


We use email protocols encrypted by SSL certificate.

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)

Antivirus, Antispam, and Web Firewall

We minimize the risk of vulnerabilities caused by viruses, malware, and phishing sent through email.

(Further information: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1, subpar. f)

What our Customers are saying

+220000 Customers have chosen Netsons.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 3448 internal reviews.

Netsons services linked to the world of Public Administration

Netsons provides 24/7 assistance for Public Administrations via telephone and ticketing system present in the customer area. You can contact our operators at (+39), communicating the "Assistance Code" which you find in the customer area. If you prefer to receive assistance via email, write to us at pa@netsons.com.

The service's software updates include an update release method called "gradual rollout". From the moment the updates are released by the software developers, 3 days pass for minor releases and 1 month for major releases. All known releases and change logs can be viewed on the following links: cPanel, CloudLinux, JetBackup. To receive email information about updates, visit Netsons Uptime

The payment model is flexible and supports the following billing cycles: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially. The service is scalable in terms of resources on its supported plans.

Redundancy and constant control routines ensure that service continuity always meets high standards of reliability. All our services have a guaranteed uptime greater than 99.0% on a monthly basis. For further informations

Quick Answers

Our Managed Cloud Instance solution includes our custom configurations and will require 72 hours for activation.

On the Managed Cloud Instance solutions, Netsons system administrators staff will take care of the updates to the stable releases of the various software present on your machine.

You can increase your resources as your needs grow from the profiles offered in our offer. If you need custom resources contact us and we will study the best solution for your case.

You will certainly have two backup images available to you. Generated from your Cloud administration panel. On the managed Cloud Instances solutions there is instead the Recovery Backup Software from single file to entire site.

Yes, for Managed Instance services a partial single data center high availability (HA) solution is available.

Any promotions are applied on the first billing cycle. Renewal will be charged at list price.